Sustainability Solutions

Our world is important to us! We have completed the renovation and restructuring of our hotel by taking the United Nations’ 17 Development Goals Declaration as an obligation for our hotel and living spaces.

We have placed our recycling bins at various points in our hotel. We contribute to nature by separating all our garbage. Recycling ensures the correct use of natural resources. Please give importance to recycling.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs are used in the lighting of our entire hotel. The use of LED bulbs is a beneficial way both in terms of less energy consumption and in terms of preventing Global Warming by reducing the heat given off by the bulb!

All toilet bowls, faucet heads and shower heads in our hotel are selected for less water consumption. We must protect water, our source of life!

All windows in our hotel are double glazed. All our interior and exterior walls have thermal insulation. In this way, we reduce global warming. We also use our natural gas resources more efficiently.

At breakfast, our hot products are made little and often in order to prevent leftover food and to serve our guests hot.

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