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Vera Life Hotel started its operations as a subsidiary of Bakkaloğlu Turizm Gıda San ve Dış Tic Ltd Şti, which opened its doors on April 29, 2023. After 40 years of commercial history in Suriçi, we took action to contribute to the promotion of Istanbul, to make friends with foreign guests and to provide a perfect service. In our 17-room facility, we have carefully prepared each room by prioritizing the comfort of each room.

Vera Life Hotel is located just 2 minutes from the Grand Bazaar and 7 minutes from the Basilica Cistern. In addition to being within walking distance to the important historical sites of Istanbul, it is also very close to public transportation transfer points. You will be in the heart of the mystical atmosphere in the center of Istanbul!

Our building was reconstructed in 2022 and has an advantageous structure in terms of earthquake resistance. Our rooms have been re-furnished with a modern, European perspective and we offer amenities such as air conditioning, television and wifi connection in every room. Our rooms are large and spacious compared to neighboring hotels!

Bakkaloğlu Turizm Gıda San ve Dış Tic Ltd Şti, as a family business, has created a logo using Turtle and Vera plant together. This logo was inspired by the first family vacation. By combining the benefits of the Vera plant in alternative medicine and the positive effects of its continuous use, we are here to provide you with a service that provides a positive impact on life, provides family bliss and maintains happiness.

In our rooms and corridors you will also see an exhibition curated by Sedef Bakkaloğlu, including Philography, Relief, Marbling and Oil Painting. For any questions regarding the exhibition items, please contact the Reception.

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